Monday, September 30, 2013

{Recap} Texas State Fair + A Little Football

Our little family has been on the road a lot recently. It's making my laundry schedule way out of whack, but I can't say that I don't like it. Who doesn't love a weekend away? Long drives have been nice for Michael and I to relax and delve into deep conversations we otherwise wouldn't have the time for. Also, our driving music has been pretty awesome, too.

This past weekend we made the trek to the Texas State Fair in Dallas to watch a little football, and let's be honest, ride the gigantic Ferris wheel. Have I mentioned before how crazy M is for Alma Mater football? Like, he won't miss a game. That being said, when I realized there was a larger-than-life Ferris wheel at the fairgrounds I knew we HAD to be there. I hadn't ridden a Ferris wheel, or been to the fair, in years. Years. Since elementary school. So it was pretty much a done deal that we were going.

We got to Dallas late Friday night and ate incredibly delicious and authentic Tex Mex. Michael's family joined us the next day and we walked downtown Dallas for a few blocks, caught a shuttle to the fair, and spent the rest of the day riding the Ferris wheel, munching corn dogs & caramel apples, exploring a fun house, and watching a tiny amount of football. Unfortunately, there were two game delays due to lightening, and it rained the entire time we were at the game. M and I ended up taking Maylin home early and missing most of the game. We met the group out for burgers later that evening.

 My favorite part of the weekend may have been riding the giant Ferris wheel with my man. I felt just like Ryan and Marissa on the O.C. Okay, maybe not just like, because our seat was enclosed with mesh and the ocean wasn't crashing in the background a la Newport Beach. But it was pretty close!

We watched the sun peek over the buildings downtown and stayed in bed a little longer than usual on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee {him} and hot tea {me}. While I love being at our church on Sunday mornings, sometimes it's nice to lay in when you're on a little vacay. It makes the weekend feel extra special, you know?

This baby girl was super tired Sunday morning, so we made an early day of it and drove back home. Maylin was an absolute trooper this weekend. She was barely fussy and went with the flow. I wish understood the concept of a treat, because she deserves a good one after this weekend.

How was your weekend? Anything special? Just waking up to a little cooler weather this time of year makes the weekend special for me. :)

Happy Monday!

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