Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Recap} A Late Afternoon Picnic

Michael's parents have a little plot of land several miles north of town. Yesterday afternoon he drove out to work on a few things for the upcoming hunting season, and we went with him. The weather has been so nice here lately; the temperature has been less than 95 degrees and it's not even October yet! Which is pretty much the most we can ask for in our part of the country. There was no way I was staying indoors.

I packed up a few toys for Maylin, a book for me, her afternoon snack of green peas and applesauce, and threw a blanket into my tote. It was so nice to sit outside for a while. It's really been too hot here this summer to do much outside, so Maylin was loving "discovering" things like grass, dirt, and all the nature noises around us.

Then we ate a little afternoon snack. It was her first time to try a green vegetable. I started her with green peas, and she loved them. Of course, there really hasn't been any food she hasn't liked so far.

I love it when she leans in with that little tongue sticking out! All I have to do is say, "More?" And she is almost attacking me trying to get at the food.

Happy baby.

Pretty scenery.

Gorgeous September sky.

A good way to end an afternoon in the sun...with a nap. I can't get over those eyelashes. I hope you're able to step outside this season, even if it's only for an hour or so. Having an impromptu picnic was the perfect excuse for us.

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  1. How precious!! What a lovely afternoon with your baby girl!