Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been awhile, like months, since I've done a H54F post. Life, you know? Anyway, this afternoon Maylin is napping, the frigid January temps have lightened up a bit so that it feels almost spring-like, and I've got those slimy whitening strips on my teeth that makes it to where I can't use this time to munch on frozen mango. The solution is, obviously, to spend my  time in our sunroom enjoying the weather and blogging.

Here are 5 favorites from this week::

{1} My go-to breakfast~ coffee and ice-cold, salted grapefruit. Usually I also have a slice of cheese toast, but it's not pictured here. Pregnancy breakfast of choice, friends. It happens every morning.

{2} I put together a pregnancy journal from all the belly pictures I took when Maylin was still in-utero. It came in recently and I can't stop looking through it. There are pages dedicated to getting her nursery ready, choosing her name, and baby showers, plus ultrasound pictures and places to journal about how we told our family we were expecting and what I was craving at the time {which was NOT mango or grapefruit and salads made me want to vomit}. It's been so fun to look back through it and it's brought back so many fun memories. Now I'm committed to making one for Hartlie baby, too. Which means I need to take many, many more belly photos. These may or may not end up here on the blog. Sorry {not sorry} in advance.

{3} Speaking of Hartlie, I snagged a picture of a few things we've gotten specifically for her, things that aren't just hand-me-downs from big sis. The gray polka dot head rest is from my sister, and is the only actual gift we've received for her. Obviously since she's the second girl we've reproduced in less than two years and we basically have everything we need. Still. It was nice to get a gift just for Hartlie. I also bought her a set of those really handy monthly stickers that I've been slapping on Maylin once a month for pictures. I'm not sure if I'll do the exact same thing for Har, but I like having them just in case. Also, the little Going on a Bear Hunt board book was just too good to pass up. Girl's gotta own her own book, am I right?

{4} Maylin has been using her bumper pad as a pillow. We've caught her on several occasions and I happened to snap a pic during this instance. Too adorable. And clever, that girl.

{5} Have I mentioned Maylin has found the stairs? 

I'm kicking off my birthday weekend tonight with dinner out ALONE with Michael. I'm looking forward to having table conversation that doesn't include "ba ba ba" from the baby {although I know I'll secretly miss it while I'm there}. 

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. Happy birthMONTH! You enjoy it!

    BTW -- something Maylin may need. ;-)

  2. Thanks! Planning on it :) also, I loooove AngelDear brand. I'm thinking I need one of these curvy pillows for BOTH my daughters...