Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Baby Davis #2} Dear Baby | 03

Dear Baby,

We're over halfway through this little journey of pregnancy together. This week we are 22 weeks along. I, for one, can barely believe it. Our time together is flying by so so fast. Here are a few little things about you at this time in our relationship.

I am craving {with a passion} thawed frozen mango chunks, grapefruit by the pound, and salads of any and every kind. I'm pretty thrilled that you want healthy food, because with your older sister I really only wanted to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken {ew! never caved, but it was tough!}, chips and salsa, and crackers with mustard. I know, right?! Pretty insane. You can hold that over her head when you get a little older.  

But back to the mangoes, grapefruit, and salads. This past week the grocery store was out of the package of frozen mango chunks that I always buy and a lump formed in my throat right there as I stood with the door open in the frozen food section. I stood there, Baby, bug-eyed and furious and sad with cold air swooshing down on top of me for a full minute before I finally conceded that frozen mangoes weren't going to appear out of thin air from the laser beams my eyes were shooting at the shelf. Sigh. I've had to go without them for a whole week, and I think my taste buds may literally dance out of my mouth with happiness when I finally get to eat them again. 

Now for the grapefruit. I have at least one half of a cold, salted grapefruit every morning with my breakfast. I really don't know how I ever thought breakfast was complete without one. Juicy, tart, sweet, and chilled. While I'm doing my early morning prenatal yoga, all I can think about is how good my grapefruit is going to be at breakfast. That and my coffee. And when I said I was eating them by the pound, I meant that I'm truly buying a five pound bag of grapefruit at the store every week. That's a lot of sour grapefruit deliciousness, Baby. I'm pretty sure we're both loving it. Now my mouth is sufficiently watering, so I'm going to move on from cravings for the time being, although I'm inwardly lamenting not being able to go grab a couple chunks of mango to munch on. {And let's not dwell on the fact that I just wrote three paragraphs about tropical fruit, okay?}

Baby, yesterday you and I went to our checkup all by ourselves. It was a nice little outing with just you and me. No big sister to have my attention, and even Daddy was at work with a busy morning. So it was just us. It hasn't been just us in a while, so I relished "listening" carefully for your kicks and talking to you on the drive. The doctor said you are super healthy. You have a very strong, fast, and regular heartbeat. It still thrills me each time I get to hear it. I always wait a little anxiously while Dr. locates it with his doppler, but as soon as I hear your little life-beats I relax and a broad smile takes over my face. 

I've been having slight contractions with you, Baby. They've been going on for about a month, and feel like very heavy cramps in my lower abdomen. I was a little concerned about these, because for one I got a little frightened that you are going to have a very impatient personality and I'm not sure if, as a mama, I can hang with that. And for two, I'd really like you to stay inside your little Baby-cave as long as possible so you can enter our world completely developed and healthy and so you don't have to live in the NICU and can come home with me. Have no fear, though, Baby. Dr. said that these contractions were perfectly normal and was not concerned about them at all. I'm supposed to pay attention to them to make sure they don't become too regular or painful, but other than that, we're in the clear. So, Baby, if you're doing this uterus activity thing to get some additional attention, I hear ya. I'm in tune. So please, let's not get too carried away and stay inside Mama for, say, 18 more weeks or so. Then, by all means, you can come out. Thank you. That would make Mama very happy.

Baby, one advantage you have is that you're my second pregnancy. With your sister I was very self-conscious {and very ignorant} about lots of different things. With you, I am embracing much more. I love this little belly bump you're giving me, and I'm not as hesitant to show it off. I am much more comfortable in my skin with you. That is a huge relief and a great blessing. I feel I am more free to love on you and be proud of you. There are definite advantages to being a second child, and I believe this is one of them.

One of the things I am looking forward to most, darling Baby, is seeing the way you and your sister will interact. I am so anticipant of that unique sister-bond, and I can't wait to watch that develop between you two. As a mother, I'm going to do all I can do foster and nourish that special relationship, although I'm pretty sure it will have no trouble developing on its own. 

To sum up, I've so enjoyed noticing ways that you are your own little person already, even at a gestational age of 22 weeks. I can't wait to  know you more. 

I love you, my sweet Baby Hartlie.

And one more picture from a couple weeks ago. I guess you could say this is the first picture of you and Maylin together. Makes my mama-heart melt.

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  1. So sweet!!! Baby Hartlie is already so loved!

    The food cravings grafs made me die out laughing. I remember them so well, lol!!!