Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Recap} A Few of My Favorite

...Moments from the past few weeks {okay, month, but really, who's counting?}.

This month has been really crazy busy for our little family. In all honesty, I can't really put a finger on what's been keeping me so tied up, but I've rarely had an afternoon to sit down and blog. On the days I'm not running somewhere with a to-do list in my hand or an event to attend, I'm cleaning/rearranging/decluttering/scrubbing my house. Because, you know, of nesting. I can't hardly stand the thought of sitting to blog when there is a floor to be mopped {again}, baby laundry to be folded, or crumbs to be vacuumed. This is all while Maylin is napping, of course, because the child has begun to walk and she is everywhere and into everything all the time. On the days I'm not frenetically nesting and Maylin is napping, I'm taking a nap as well because sometimes exhaustion from being 30+ weeks pregnant takes precedence. It just does.


Favorite moments from the past month commencing now.

Maylin's first Easter Egg hunt sponsered by our church on Good Friday::

Hunting Easter eggs in general at my and Michael's parents' homes::

I should have just titled this post, "A Thousand Pictures of Maylin Doing Pretty Much the Same Thing." Sorry about that. Motherhood. {I'm sorry Maylin, that your mama is obnoxious with the picture-taking; and I'm sorry furture children that you won't have half the pictures taken of you as Maylin has had. It's a win/win, or maybe a win/lose, for everybody.} Moving right along.

Play Date at the Park::

Our first official play date, and it was so fun. Look at these little cuties!

Family Crawfish Boil::

Maylin is to the point in her life that she toddles more often than she crawls. Unless she wants to scurry somewhere super fast. I am okay with this because it has been my fervent prayer since the day that little blue plus sign showed up on the pregnancy test that Maylin will be a proficient enough walker by the time Baby Sister is born that I don't have to carry two babies at once around the house. She has roughly 4 more weeks to become "proficient." We can do this.

In summary, the month of April was spent with lots of family, plenty of time outside, baskets full of Easter eggs, and arms full of bunny hugs. Not a bad way to spend the first full month of Spring. I'll take it any day.


  1. I love that last picture of her hugging her bunny! Nothing is sweeter than baby hugs!

  2. So sweet! I can't wait to see her toddling­čśŹ. Mia started walking too. They must have talked to each other at the play date and discussed walking ☺️