Monday, April 7, 2014

{Miss Maylin} 12 Months Old

This is my last monthly update on my Maylin baby. So many things have changed since I began these monthly updates on my old blog. They've been so fun to do, and I'm glad I have a record of the first year of Maylin's life. It's unbelievable how much a baby grows and develops, both physically and mentally, in the course of its first life. I truly couldn't fathom the way Maylin is now when she was snuggled up to me at one week old. I'm not too terribly sad that these updates are ending, because let's be honest, getting her to take posed photos during the past few months has been more than a little frustrating. In fact, it's been downright impossible. I much prefer that thrill of getting a perfect candid these days. And by perfect I mean not blurry. If she happens to be looking in the direction of the camera lense then that's bonus. I take what I can get.

Miss Maylin, at 12 months old you::

~ have two bottom teeth, no top teeth yet, that we brush during bathtime. You can hold your own toothbrush and gnaw on it to get all those germies out. Brushing your teeth is one of your favorite things to do.
~ love to brush your hair. Or rather, love to have me brush your hair. You've recently grown hair on the back of your head that is just long enough to get a little crazy after naptimes. In order to coax it back down, we brush. I think it's calming to you because you'll allow me to brush it for several minutes while you're sitting still. Which is a rarity nowadays. Also, you've started "brushing" the hair of your animals when you play.
~ love to read books. You will bring me a book to read and crawl in my lap. You love pointing to the pictures in the book and saying "ba!" {your all-time favorite expression}, and you also are very adept at turning the pages. I've even found you looking through books all by yourself during play time.

~ are not walking yet, although you walk like a pro behind your walker, or when someone is holding your hands, or when you're pushing your activity table across the floor. You've taken one step with one foot on several occasions, but you have yet to make forward progress with two feet. I'm predicting within the next month we'll have a perfectly able little walker on our hands.
~ are great at standing. When I put you on the ground you lock your knees to land on your feet instead of sitting on your bottom. Then you stand in that spot for a good while until you decide you're ready to move, which you then do by crawling. Sometimes Gollum style {you can watch that movie when you're older to get the reference}, sometimes in the regular fashion.
~ can point to your belly button, mouth, and eyes when asked. You can also point out these features on your babies and animals. We're currently working on pointing to your feet, ears, and nose.
~ can make the sound of a puppy when asked. Pretty sure you picked this up from big brother {aka frenemy} Deuce. I never consistently tried to teach you this sound, you kind of just started doing it one day. Of course, the sound you make is not the traditional "ruff ruff," but rather an open-mouthed "hah, hah, hah, hah" to simulate a panting dog. This is what makes me believe you picked this up all on your own from big brother. I know I would have taught you to say "ruff ruff." It wouldn't have occured to me to teach you a panting noise.
~ have quite the relationship with objects. Whether it be a stuffed animal, a baby doll, a plastic figurine. You choose one by pointing in the morning when I get you out of your crib, and you're liable to hold on to it the entire day. 
~ can hug said object when prompted "Can you give the puppy some loving?"
~ can find and point to/crawl to your baby, puppy, bear, blanket, book, Daniel Tiger, passy, bottle, Deuce, rocking horse, light, Daddy, and Mama.
~ recognize the phrases: {1} Are you ready to get down? {2} Change a diaper {3} Are you ready for a nap? {4} Do you want a bottle? {5} Where is..... {6} No, No ma'am, Don't... {7} Are you done? 

~ still aren't saying any recognizable words, although you can shake your head no and point to whatever you want. Which accounts for about 80% of your communication needs.
~ wear size 3 diapers.
~ wear size 9-12 months clothes, some 6 month dresses you can still wear as a top. You can also still wear 6 month onesies because they fit your torso. Your legs do not fit in 6 month pjs or leggings anymore.
~ weigh 19 pounds!!!! Woo Hoo!!! 
~ nap two times daily, for about an hour and a half in the morning and afternoon. 
~ sleep from 6:30-7:00 PM to 7:30 AM. And your daddy and I love you for it.
~ eat three solid meals a day, plus drink four 6-8 oz bottles of organic whole milk.
~ stayed overnight at your Emme and Papa's house twice. Both times you slept great with little to no fussing.

Oh Maylin. I have loved your first year. I can't wait to see how much you grow and change over the next twelve months. It will be just as astounding, I'm sure. I love you, my Maylin girl.

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  1. She is so smart!!! Little Maylin, you are definitely advanced! =)