Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Baby Food Diaries} Baby Oats with Fruit

I'm always trying to mix foods together for Maylin that will give her different taste experiences. I want her pallet to be well accustomed to many different flavors and textures. The last thing we need around this house is a picky eater!

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Also, I know I'd be pretty bored if I ate the same thing every day, so I can only assume that Maylin is the same way, even at 7 1/2 months.

One way I've discovered to introduce flavors to Maylin, as well as provide her with a plethora of different nutrients, is to mix various fruits with her breakfast oatmeal in the morning. Sometimes I even mix two or three fruits at a time. And usually I add a little sprinkle of cinnamon. This, really to me, is the flavor that melds all the other flavors together and really kicks it up a notch.

I've long since given up taking pictures of baby food because no matter how hard I try, I have yet to make baby food look decent in a picture. Really, it's just shapeless and mushy. And after I mix the oats and bananas and cinnamon together it's all brown anyway. Not very pretty to look at. I'll just give you a few oatmeal and fruit combinations {without the pictures} that have been winners at the breakfast table for us.

Oats + Applesauce + Cinnamon

Oats + Applesauce + Bananas + Cinnamon

Oats + Blueberries + Bananas + Cinnamon

Oats + Peaches + Cinnamon

Oats + Pears + Mangoes + Cinnamon

Oats + Applesauce + Pears + Cinnamon

The great thing about adding fruit to Baby Oats is that I can toss in any extra fruit I have on hand to make a really scrumptious and nutritious breakfast. Since I've been doing this for a couple months I've stopped stressing out about a specific "recipe" or "formula" and mixing different foods to create different flavors. And honestly I have yet to make something Maylin has refused to eat.

Refer to this post to see how I prepare Baby Oats.
All fruit I use in Baby Oats, except the bananas which I mash, has been steamed/baked and pureed.


  1. Oh, cinnamon! Did I tell you Alice had an allergic reaction to it? =( I'm going to try it again in December because she really did love when I mixed it with her apples.

    1. An allergic reaction to cinnamon?? NOOOOOO!!! Poor Alice. Maybe she'll grow out of it. :)