Wednesday, November 5, 2014

{Recap} The Pumpkin Patch

Can I indulge you in a few {more} pictures of some time spent at the pumpkin patch?

Great! Here we go!

I took over 200 photos of these two girlies and am happy to report that I have culled this post down to a mere 35. {You're welcome.}

Before we get too deep into November and everyone starts playing Christmas music and stringing twinkle lights and posting holiday gift guides, I want to imprint this little slice of fall onto the World Wide Web.

I've so enjoyed this fall season with my girls, from the cool breezy weather to the homemade apple cider, from the Halloween books we've read to the candy corn we've shared. It's been precious. And memorable. And if it stayed fall all year long that'd be okay with me. I really don't want it to end! 

Hopefully fall has been going your way, too! Just a few more weeks of pumpkins and colorful leaves before tinsel and fir, around here at least anyway since I don't start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Each to her own. 

Okay, without further ado. Enjoy!

{Hello Pumpkins}

{Sister Act}

{The Evolution of a Smile}

{Front Porch Charm}

{Smile, Girls..... and Nope}

{Sister Act II}

{Walk With Me}

{Bribing} or {The Struggle is Real}

{You Are My Sunshine}

{You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray}

1 comment:

  1. 1. Hartlie's smile -- oh my gosh, that baby girl smiles with her whole face! I love it.
    2. Maylin has the best expressions. They're so adorable! And that little belly -- oh my gosh, I start talking baby talk when I see it in these pics, lol!
    3. Will you just shop for me and pick out cute clothes for my closet?? I need someone to dress me! (Yes, I'm 31 and need someone to dress me, lol!)