Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Miss Maylin} 11 Months Old

I have to admit, I was a teeensy bit sad as I got out Maylin's 11 month sticker and realized this is my second to last time to do this with her. I can't even grasp that she'll be ONE in less than a month. It's truly amazing how much Maylin has developed between months 10 and 11. And already she's showing that the development between 11 and 12 months will be substantial as well. 

As far as the carefully poised and propped photo sessions go, they're officially a thing of the past. Pretty much all of my pictures this month were suuuuper blurry from her constant movement. These pics are a few I was able to salvage. Here's what's going on at 11 months old.

At 11 months old, Maylin::

~ can finally boast of teeth! TWO teeth, both on the bottom, in one month. I hadn't wanted her to get teeth too soon because I was afraid she wouldn't look like a baby anymore, but I have to say, those two teeth are pretty adorable. I'm a fan.
~ can turn pages of board books while we're reading. It's pretty fun. I do the reading, she does the turning.
~ takes one morning and one afternoon nap daily, and sleeps 12-13 hours a night.

~ waves bye bye and can repeat "bye bye" when prompted. Her best waving and talking time is when Michael leaves for work in the morning. She starts waving to him when she sees him putting on his jacket, and says "bye bye bye bye" the whole time he's gathering his things and walking out the door. Then we stand at the window and wave while he backs down the driveway. She may not wave EVERY time I want her to, like in public when I'm trying to show her off, but she does wave every time her daddy leaves. That pretty much makes up for it.
~ nods head "yes" in response to questions. "Maylin, does that cheese toast taste good?" Head nod. "Maylin do you want to get down and play?" Head nod. "Maylin are you ready for a bottle?" Head nod.
~ is learning to give kisses. She's not great at giving kisses to people yet, but she's a pro at giving kisses to her stuffed animals. And by kisses I mean she sticks a part of the animal's nose or ear in her mouth and nods her head. Let's hope she becomes more skilled at this before Hartlie comes...
~ stand unassisted for several seconds {before realizing she's standing by herself and promptly puts that baby booty on the ground}.
~ says "da da" when prompted. We've regressed from saying the sounds "ma ma." I can't get those syllables out of her for an-y-thing. But "da da" she looooves to say.
~ babbles constantly and is making new sounds daily. I've finally heard the "ga ga" sound which babies are most famous for saying {it seems}, and she's always blowing raspberries and making this funny little shrieking sound in her throat which makes her sound like she's choking on something. Still haven't gotten used to that one.


~ plays peek-a-boo. She puts her hands up to  her face while I say "Where's Maylin?" and then pulls them down when I say "Peek-a-boo! There she is!" She loves this game. She'll also hide behind a book or a blanket to the same effect.
~ loves to clap, especially for "Pattycake" or "If You're Happy and You Know It." Or just for any reason in general. This may be my favorite thing to watch her do at this stage.
~ is officially ticklish, especially on the bottom of her feet. She gets it from her daddy. Her mama is not ticklish, or rather, can choose to be ticklish or not {which drives Michael crazy}.
~ is now drinking organic whole milk with formula in her bottle. Hopefully we'll be done with formula for good by her birthday at the end of the month.
~ wears size 3 diapers.
~ wears size 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothing.
~ WEIGHS 17 POUNDS!!!! Given Maylin's battle with gaining weight, we're thrilled about this. We're hoping she'll be close to 20 pounds by her birthday. Our pediatrician told us babies are supposed to triple their birth weight in their first year, which for Maylin would be 21 pounds. We're playing catch up now, but we're so close!

I'll leave you with this gem of a picture below::

Is sister gettin' that xylophone or what??!! I hope you can tell how hard she's banging on this thing from the picture. Hilarious. Of course you have to stand up to get a good loud bang out of it. I think this one will always be one of my favorites.

Happy 11 Months, baby girl. Thanks for bringing such laughter and hilarity to our lives.

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  1. What a sweet girl! And those teeth came in just in time for her to eat some cake! =) I didn't want Alice to lose her gummy smile either, but it's amazing how precious those little teeth are!!!