Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Baby Davis #2} Dear Baby | 04

Dear Baby,

Your sister is napping. Your daddy is at work. You future best-friend-forever Deuce the dog is curled at my feet {you're going to love him; he's going to barely tolerate you- talk to your sis about this}. You are squirming and flipping and kicking, probably from that extra large cup of coffee I had this morning. So, what better time to take a break from my day to have a little chat?

As we saw at your anatomy scan, you are quite the mover. You're big enough now that I can see you kicking from the outside, and I can see the somersaults you're doing too because my belly will go into weird looking contortions that I desperately hope aren't noticeable to the dear people sitting next to us on the pew at church. They might be a bit disconcerted by seeing my belly move at random, and then I'd have to try to not look too embarrassed at being a distraction from the sermon. So, Baby, do ya think you could keep the moving to a minimum from, say, 11:00-12:00 noon on Sundays? I'd appreciate it if you worked on that. 

You're still liking grapefruit and mango the most out of any food. I am now buying grapefruit juice at the store, too, so on those occasions when you just HAVE to have grapefruit right that very instant but I'm kinda busy doing other things, all I have to do is pour a glass instead of segmenting out pieces of fruit with a spoon. Pretty handy. Another thing I'm {ahem, we're} liking lately is coffee. Which is a bit of a conundrum due to the fact I'm {we're} not really supposed to drink lots of caffein while we're cohabiting. I'm a little fuzzy on the details of why that's so, therefore I will continue to drink my large cup in the mornings and sometimes a smaller, but equally delicious, cup in the afternoons. I'm assuming you're thanking me for that when your movements increase to a frenzy. Right? Okay, good. At least it's just coffee and not something crazy like, say sushi or Feta cheese {both of which I love and can't wait to eat again}. I'm really considering this coffee craving a perk, no pun intended, because I WILL be drinking it after being up with you three and four times a night once you're born. And you'll be getting some anyway since we're going to breastfeed, so you might as well already be used to drinking it while in the womb.

Also, Baby, we're reaching the point that sleeping at night is a toss up. {And we're both in agreement that this couldn't possibly be due to the amount of coffee we're consuming, right? Right. Besides I don't drink it after 3:00 PM, so we're in the clear. Obviously.} I think this is due to the fact that pesky spot in my back between my shoulder blades is aching again {which you couldn't possibly have anything to do with}, and the fact I feel like all the blood in my body rushes to my head when I lie laterally, and that my mind works itself into a stressed out frenzy of things I need to do before you come as soon as my head hits the pillow. I think some people refer to the last one as "nesting." Ask your daddy about that. Some nights I get a long night of deep sleep. Other nights I toss and turn and pretty much force myself to stay in bed and not look at my nursery inspiration board on Pinterest. I will say, though, the body pillow we got for Christmas is our very best friend sent from heaven and we looooooove it. 

Your daddy is saying more and more often these days, "Babe, I love your belly." Which in my mind is a clue that you're looking more and more like a baby and less and less like I've eaten a few too many Oreos and milk. Which really is debatable considering you also love Oreos and milk. Like really love them. Every night. I do feel like one day late last week I woke up {from a great night's sleep, I'm sure} and suddenly there was a basketball sized baby bump where there hadn't been one the day before. That was the day I cracked open my Wild Carrot Growing Belly Balm and Stretch Salve and started applying liberally. Your sis cooperated with me and didn't give me any stretch marks, so do you think you could oblige that one small request, too? I'm not above offering a bribe or making a deal... So let me know what ya want and I'll make it happen.

Exciting news this week is that our family upgraded from a single stroller to a double. And we got it used at a very relieving price from a sweet friend whose kiddos are 13 months apart. {She and I have had lots of chats.} You also procured your very own teeny tiny 0-3 month size swimsuit in the event that you come with me to the pool later this summer. Also new is the first addition/change to the nursery, which is right now all about Maylin, but very soon you'll be kicking her out so it will be all about you. See print below. 

Also, Baby, for your viewing pleasure, I'll include bump pics of the last two weeks of your growth. You know, in case you're interested in that sort of thing one day. You're female, so I'll bet you will be.

Now it's time for me to get some lunch ready for your daddy, and your sister will be awake in a few minutes, so duty calls. You're becoming more real each day, and I'm getting more and more anxious to meet you as your due date draws closer.

Hartlie, Baby, I love you so so much.

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